Company Profile

Incorporated in 1992, Parsharti Investment Limited (PIL) is  listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange. PIL is a strategic and investment advisory firm catering wide array of financial solutions to its clients. We engage with companies where Parsharti Investment can add value in multiple ways, thereby exponentially increasing the return on capital deployed. We tend to work with companies through strategic, financial, and operational involvement, thus revolutionizing the company’s fundamental parameters.
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of PIL bring together a strong and diverse ( expertise from diverse array of fields)consulting, operating and entrepreneurial background to help guide the strategic vision of the organisation. The Board also lays down the framework for Corporate Governance that includes best practices from across the industry.Currently, the Board of Directors at PIL comprises: 
Name Designation  
Devendrakumar B Goyal Chairman
Rameshwar D Goyal Whole time Director
Jitendra Kalyanji Panchal Whole time Director and CFO
Shri. S. Padmanabhan Independent Director
Smt. Saroj Narasimhan Independent Director (Till 27th September, 2020)
Mr. Dhiren Shah Independent Director
Mrs. Priyanka Gupta  Additional Independent Director  (From 17th October, 2020)

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer

Mohd Shakeel Kayamkhani (Mail ID:- (From 15th February, 2020)

The uniqueness is value offering from Parsharti is the expertise across dealing with various asset classes through specialized capital structuring to enhance value of the company as a whole.

We strive to

Maintain a professional and team-oriented corporate culture;

Build enduring, mutually valuable customer relationships;

Optimize long-term shareholder value.


Our Endeavour is to become most trusted company in financial service industry by committing to provide the highest quality advisory services ensuring that each engagement maximizes value for our clients by bringing total customer satisfaction.


We believe these core values are central to how we lead our lives.

Integrity: We are unwavering in our commitment  to a work  environment that is honest, transparent    and fair to all.

Perseverance: We work incredibly hard at everything we do and expect the same of our employees    ,investee companies and partners.

 Trust:   We  constantly  strive  to establish  and grow  the level of  trust in our evolving business and     working relationships.

 Creativity: We are able to partner and successfully work with  enterprises  where  other firms would     simply ignore as being too small/too big or too complicated for their portfolio.

 Respect– we are committed to treating others as we would like to be treated.