Project Finance

Parsharti provides its customers with the option of a loan to take care of the needs of an ongoing project.
The proposals for project finance would be considered by the bank on a selective basis in view of the larger outlay of funds on longer duration of credit . Usually such projects would be operational through consortium arrangement along with the Term Lending Financial Institutions and other public/ private sector Banks.

The project would be appraised by the Lead Bank of the consortium and all other banks would accept the appraisal made by the lead bank. If required, the assistance of the professionals in the line/ project appraisal groups of banks/ Commercial Banks would be obtained for the appraisal.

Private Equity Funding

Our private equity service covers all aspects of venture capital/private equity syndication for investors and investees.
Our areas of activities are centered on the following phases.

IPO Consultancy

Going public on the Stock Exchange will literally take your business to the next level and it will give you an opportunity to display your company on an international platform. Having said this, it is as equally important to find the right IPO consulting firm to represent you on your corporate venture as it is making the decision to go public.

No matter where the company is around the globe or if it is start-up/early stage firm or an established company, We strive to deliver through our resources for bringing your company public on Exchange. We assist companies in accomplishing their goals, from exit strategy to funding resources. Our number one goal is to make the process as easy as possible, we understand that you are busy enough running your business.

The challenges of the capital markets require specialized expertise. We combine our capital markets insight and business knowledge to offer consultancy with the perspective of stakeholder value creation.

Parsharti offers promising and exciting companies the opportunity of accessing the public market equity finances. We believe in working with innovative companies, and escort them through the IPO process and beyond. Our strength lies in optimally pricing the companies and positioning them in the financial marketplace to procure the right profile of institutional and retail investors. Parsharti’s excellent profiling skills, coupled with an unmatched retail procurement strength and strong rapport with key institutional investors, enable companies to get the best investor support.

Mergers and Amalgamation Services

Parsharti brings new depth and dimension to the middle market with expert consulting for merger planning and acquisition opportunities. We are focused and process-driven but not formulaic. We understand when a fresh approach is needed to optimize value from a transaction and have the experience and insight to make it happen.

Our M&A Services are designed to plan the growth and strategic direction of a company. We are committed to provide the highest quality advisory and M&A support services ensuring that each engagement maximizes value for our clients.

Retail Financial Services

While other segment of the financial services Industry have suffered through the current crisis, retail financial services have proven to be a stable and, therefore, critical revenue generator for many banking organizations. Overall, retail banking still represents the most significant source of income for the global financial services industry.

Parsharti assist in availing home loan and Loan Against Property at affordable rates to retail customers.

Syndication of Working Capital Loan

Ascertaining the Funds Requirements for working capital
Evaluation of possibilities of Multi Banking / Consortium
Preparation of CMA Data, Ratio Analysis
Presentation to the Banks & Financial Institutions
Assist in negotiations
Obtaining the Sanction letter
Documentation & Finalization of the deal

The manufacturing / Service activity of the unit can smoothly progress while adequate working capital funds are available. The quantum of working capital funds can be ascertained by looking into the working capital cycle of the unit.
Restructure / Swap of Borrowing Pattern

Analysis of Existing Borrowing Pattern
Identification of the Loans to be Swapped
Preparation of the Report for restructuring
Cost - Benefit Analysis
Presentation to the banks & Financial Institutions
Assist in Negotiations
Documentation & Finalization of the deal
Management Consultancy.

Management Consulting Services is a client service oriented consultancy offering time-tested solutions to your firm's operations, financial and project management systems concerns.
The management advisory services from Parsharti provides the opportunity to partner with management to identify solutions for management issues as they arise with our gamut of services incorporating industries best practices .

We advice our client to follow the best industry practices which enables them to increase the performance of the organization by having structured performance review mechanism.